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Beauty & Personal Care >> Shahnaz Husain Beauty Products
Dry Skin Treatment Products (Shahnaz Husain)
There is no need to suffer from dry and flaky skin. This line of Shahnaz Husain herbal moisturizing products repairs and moisturizes the dead and dry skin, leaving it feeling fresh and healthy without any greasiness or harmful chemicals. Keeping your skin properly moisturized is the first line of protection from damage and premature aging. Many beauty tips by Shahnaz Husain express how big of a difference regular application of a moisturizing cream can make for your skin. For healthy and luscious skin find the deep moisturizing lotion you love from the Dry Skin collection of Shahnaz Husain products.
Dandruff & Itchy Scalp Products (Shahnaz Husain)
Dandruff is a common scalp condition that more often than not arrives from using harmful shampoos and hair products. Shahnaz Husain hair treatment products are carefully formulated to provide not only the desired effects for your hair, but to foster the health of your scalp as well. This specialized line of Shahnaz Husain hair treatments products is aimed at the revitalization of a dry and damaged scalp through herbal healing and moisturization. These anti-dandruff Shahnaz Husain products are made of all natural ingredients that will help stop flaking and itching and meanwhile leave the hair looking healthier and more vibrant. Don’t let dandruff be a discouragement to you, find the Shahnaz Husain hair treatment that you need.
Bath Oils and Massage Oils (Shahnaz Husain)
Made according to traditional ayurvedic recipes and standards these Shahnaz Husain herbal bath and massage oils carefully blend pure botanical extracts in pure cold-pressed sesame oil for safe and effective skin and muscle toning. For thousands of years people have recognized the healing and preservative benefits of applying oil to the skin. These Shahnaz Husain beauty and healing oils specially infused with healing herbs are great for a variety of applications. These two oils penetrate deeply into the skin and muscles to purify and moisturize, clearing away excess fats and toxins, while providing nourishment and strength.
Dental Care Products (Shahnaz Husain)
Healthy teeth are essential for a long and happy life. This Shahnaz Husain herbal toothpaste is completely composed of natural herbs and minerals that are carefully blended for optimal care of the teeth and gums. Whereas many modern dental care products are made with harmful chemicals and lots of sugar, this Shahnaz Husain product utilizes the natural cleansing power of the earth in a gentle but profound way. The gums and teeth are delicate and need to be properly cared for. Through regular rinsing, flossing, followed by gentle brushing with this unique ayurvedic Shahnaz Husain product you can polish that beautiful set of teeth for an even brighter smile.
Moisturisers & Nourshing Creams (Shahnaz Husain)
There are multitudes of moisturizing and nourishing creams on the market, but none like this unique line of Shahnaz Husain beauty products. Made with pure botanical extracts these Shahnaz Husain products are blended exclusively according to the Shahnaz Husain recipes to be the best healing skin care creams available. They work deeply to provide moisture to every layer of skin and to leave the skin smoother and healthier with a refreshed and youthful appearance. As with all Shahnaz Husain products, these are made with all natural time tested ingredients that are completely safe for the skin and overall health of the body. These Shahnaz Husain creams are the cream of the crop.
Face Packs & Masks (Shahnaz Husain)
This line of Shahnaz Husain facial products redefines an ancient tradition of using skin refining herbs, oils, and clays to restore, rehydrate, and rebalance the skin. These unique Shahnaz Husain facial masks temporarily create a protected environment for the face to absorb and processes the healing effects of herbs and oils. They naturally restores the radiance of health and beauty and tone and improve skin’s texture and feel. Use these Shahnaz Husain products regularly to reduce skin dehydration and promote a smoother, softer complexion. They work well for all skin types, especially aged and sun-damaged skin.
Scrubs & Exfoliators (Shahnaz Husain)
‘Out with the old, and in with the new’ as the old saying goes. The accumulation of dead tissue provides an environment for bacteria and infection to grow and so it is important to the health of the body and the skin to regularly remove dead tissue. This great line of Shahnaz Husain beauty products is made from completely natural ingredients, and they are carefully blended to render safe and health giving products. These Shahnaz Husain herbal scrubs and exfoliators work hard to clear away dead skin and hair without being overly abrasive and astringent, so that they clean without damaging or drying the skin. On the contrary, they purify the surface of the skin leaving it fresh, moisturized and revitalized. They are great for all skin and body types and form an essential part of any skin care regimen.
Skin Toners & Astringents (Shahnaz Husain)
The activity of soaps upon the skin leaves them unnaturally alkaline, these special Shahnaz Husain toners restore skin to its natural pH and clear away any remaining dirt or makeup. Made with carefully selected ayurvedic herbal extracts, here is presented a range of Shahnaz Husain herbal toners that soothe and refine the skin after a deep cleansing wash. Great for removing makeup and clearing away traces of dirt left behind after washing these Shahnaz Husain products are versatile, safe and effective. Unlike other toners and astringents, these use the toning effects of herbs and not harmful chemicals and so are safe for all skin types, even the old or very sensitive.
Acne, Pigmentation & Blemish Treatment Products
This wonderful line of Shahnaz Husain products presents an all-natural solution to unnatural blemish and skin pigmentation problems. Skin can be damaged by the sun, chemicals, lack of care and many other causes, but these special Shahnaz Husain beauty products revitalize the skin from the inside to encourage regeneration of one’s natural skin color and eliminate blemishes, sunspots, and other de-pigmentations. Whereas many pigmentation treatments use strong chemicals to bleach the skin and provide quick results at the cost of long term health, Shahnaz Husain beauty products do not use any harmful chemicals but rather works to restore the natural balance and health which is inherent in every cell of the body. These Shahnaz Husain products are safe for all types of skin.
Under Eye Dark Circles Products
Tired of looking tired? Those dark circles and baggy under-eyes that make one look perpetually tired can be incorrigible, but this line of Shahnaz Husain products offers a completely natural solution to under-eye problems. With the aid of ancient ayurvedic formulations and her famous cosmetic ingenuity Shahnaz Husain has rendered a potent treatment for visibly worn and tired eyes. Made with pure botanical extracts and all natural creams and oils these special Shahnaz Husain beauty products reduce appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes and firm the skin around the eye area by optimizing collagen. With the added benefits of high levels of anti-oxidants these Shahnaz Husain products also protect skin against free radicals and reduce the visible effects of sun damage and photo-aging, all around rejuvenating and energizing the skin for a healthier glow, while hydrating it to increase density and volume.
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