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Beauty & Personal Care >> Shahnaz Husain Beauty Products
Platinum Range
Shahnaz Husain Plantinum Range of Products.
Shahnaz Husain Herbal Make-Up Products
This special collection of Shahnaz Husain products provides a full range of 100% natural herbal make-up products, so that you can augment your natural beauty with the beauty of nature, and free of any harmful chemicals. Shahnaz Husain beauty products are made with age old and time tested pure herbal extracts, and so don’t require the cruel animal testing that many modern make-up products do. These Shahnaz Herbal Products color and highlight your features without damaging your skin or hair. We carry the full line of these wonderful Shahnaz products, check them out and see if any are right for you. . In addition, if you would like to order Shahnaz Husain Products in WHOLESALE, please fill out our bulk order form on Home Page.
Shahnaz Hair Care Products
Shahnaz Husain has a complete range of hair care products made with botanical extracts using ayurvedic principles to energizes your scalp while nourishing the follicles to help hair achieve maximum thickness, density and length naturally. There is no need to suffer from premature hair loss. Harnessing the ancient power of Ayurveda hair treatment for today’s world, there are several Shahnaz Husain products just for you. Shahnaz hair treatments are all natural and completely safe. They work in deep and profound ways to stem hair loss and stimulate new growth, treating hair problems from the roots. Shahnaz Hussain hair treatment products are made from all natural ayurvedic herbs and oils and are completely safe for your hair and skin. They harness the power of nature to fight against premature hair loss, greying, and all hair concerns. If you suffer from unwanted hair loss these Shahnaz Products can serve your needs.
Shahnaz 24 Carat Gold Facial Products
Gold makes the skin more resilient and youthful by facilitating the removal of toxins and wastes and accelerating the regeneration of healthy new cells. It has long been used in Ayurveda to promote health, immunity, and forestall aging and death. Here in this Shahnaz Husain product line 24 carat gold is united in ancient and modern ayurvedic treatments for the beauty and rejuvenation of the skin. These Shahnaz Husain gold facial products are specially designed to tone the skin, remove wrinkles, bestow youthful glow and shine, and fight aging. The beauty of gold has long been admired; you can share it with your skin with this unique line of Shahnaz Creams. Here you\'ll find Shahnaz Husain\'s 24 Carat gold Skin Radiance Gel, Pot of gold skin radiance foundation & 24 Carat Nature\'s Gold Beautifying Mask.
Precious Pearl Facial Products
Shahnaz Herbal Cosmetics brings the wisdom and wealth of the ancient science of Ayurveda to your home in this luxurious line of Precious Pearl whitening creams. This special line of Shahnaz Husain products taps into the treasures of the sea and brings the pure white essence of ground pearls and joins it with rich all natural creams high in vitamins and minerals. These powerful formulations render profound whitening and softening effects for the skin. These Shahnaz Pearl Creams are highly nourishing providing essential nutrients while they perform their whitening action. A first choice for any of your skin lightening needs.
DIAMOND and Astro-Gem Therapy Product Range
The new Shahnaz Husain Diamond and Astro-Gem Therapy product range brings the hidden potencies of earth and the stars to your skin, harnessing their regenerative powers and restoring youth and tone to your body. With a special group of products for each of the four primary elements you can choose the Shahnaz Husain facial scrub, Rehydrant lotion, soap, or nourishing cream that provides the element you need most. This luxurious line of Shahnaz beauty products are made from all natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals to support the greatest health of your skin. Harmonizing the power of the stars with the bounty of the Earth and delivered straight to your doorway, there is no need to search out a Shahnaz Husain beauty parlour or salon when you can get these and many more Shahnaz products online right here.
Oxygen Product Range
Oxygen is essential for life, but it is also an agent of change: the cause of the cleansing action of soap and the metabolic action of fire. This powerful line of Shahnaz Husain products ties down that ethereal element into unique formulations aimed at providing deep cleansing and profound revitalization for your skin. The beautifying actions of these oxygen products penetrate deeply into your skin and rekindle the fire of life within drawing forth the youthful glow and healthy tone that is hiding inside. Here in your own personal online Shahnaz Husain salon you can find all three of these potent cleansers. The Oxygen Skin Treatment Cream, Oxygen Skin Rejuvenating Mask and Natural Body Cleanser (Seawave Soap) are some of the best Shahnaz Husain products online.
Flower Power Product Range
The playful and peaceful Flower Power range of Shahnaz Products is a confluence of ancient ayurvedic treatment and the latest hair, skin, and body beautification techniques centered on the healing power of the Earth’s abundant flora. This line of Shahnaz beauty products brings forth the many natural fragrances and healing essences of the flowers of India into a powerful, accessible, and safe soaps, creams and lotions for your health and beauty. We carry the complete line of Shahnaz Husain Flower Power products at unbeatable prices. Come explore the vast flower beds of our online Shahnaz Husain salon and find the product that’s right for you.
Neem Product Range
Neem is a powerful herb with many healing properties. It enhances the activities of the liver and the metabolic functions of the body, and is also highly anti-bacterial. It encourages the health of the skin and fights all manners of skin conditions like acne and blemishes, both protecting and nourishing the skin to keep it healthy. This powerful line of Shahnaz Hussain products is specially designed to bring forth the potent skin and hair protection of neem to fight against harmful bacteria and clean away dirt, oil, and grease. This range of shahnaz products provides treatment for all of your skin cleansing and protection concerns, including the Neem Sun- Protective Base, Neem Antiseptic Face Treatment Cream, Neem Rejuvenating Skin Balm, Neem Skin Tonic Lotion, Neem Hair Treatment Oil, Neem Rehydrant Lotion, Neem Scalp Cleanser Lotion, Neem Skin Nourishing Cream, Neem Under Eye Treatment Gel & Neem Skin Cleansing Cream.
Honey Health Product Range
Another innovative range of Shahnaz Husain beauty products. This provides the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial enzymes of honey for a variety of applications. The Honey Health range of Shahnaz Husain products combines the healing power of honey with pure botanical extracts and all natural milk to render three potent skin care products. These Shahnaz facial products are highly nourishing and cleansing, they combine the anti-bacterial qualities of honey with the nutrients of milk to moisturize, tone, and revitalize the skin and hair. These include Honey Rehydrant lotion, Honey Intensive Cream, Honey Mud Mask & Honey Hair Treatment Cleanser.
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