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Beauty & Personal Care >> Shahnaz Husain Beauty Products
Himalayan Herb Product Range
The Himalayas touch the sky. They bring fresh rain straight down from heaven and are one of the world’s most abundant sources healing herbs, fruit, and spices. This special line of Shahnaz Husain products redefines many classic ayurvedic formulations using modern knowledge and techniques to provide you with a powerful all-natural range of Ayurvedic beauty products. A cream for day and a cream for night, these two Shahnaz products offer the rejuvenating freshness of the tallest mountain range on Earth. This distinguished pair of himalayan creams clears, strengthens and tones the skin fighting wrinkles and age day and night. Both are available here in our online shop at great prices. Check and see if they are right for you.
Aroma Therapy Product Range (Shahnaz Husain)
The atmosphere in which you live can have profound effects on your health, this great line of Shahnaz Husain products is designed to help create a healing atmosphere to promote thorough relaxation and healing. Made from all natural ayurvedic herbs and spices this collection of Shahnaz Husain products brings the aromas of India to your home. These Shahnaz Husain herbal essences are special mixtures of pure botanical extracts and essential oils blended to perfection for relaxation, pain relief, stress-relief and all around healing. Whether you want to relax in a nice warm bath and let the soothing fragrances flow through your mind and body, or need a deep and cleansing massage, the Shahnaz Husain Aroma Therapy products are just what you need.
Sun Protectors (Shahnaz Husain)
The Sun is the source of life, but in excess it can also be very harmful to the skin. The ‘Sun’ range of Shahnaz Husain products are brilliantly formulated to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, preventing drying, cracking, burning, sun spots, and more. Through providing proper protection these creams and lotions allow the skin to bask in the rejuvenating warmth and glow of the Sun soaking up all its vitality and energy without harm. These, like all Shahnaz Husain beauty products, are made from all natural herbs, oils, and spices, according to the principles of ayurvedic medicine. If you’re planning to be out in the Sun for any length of time check out this wonderful Shahnaz Husain creams and lotions.
Veg Power Product Range (Shahnaz Husain)
Drawing forth the raw power of the Earth, the Veg Power range of Shahnaz Husain products combines ayurvedic herbs and vegetables in unique and powerful ways to utilize their abundance of vitamins and minerals for the health of your skin and hair. These Shahnaz Husain creams moisturize, nourish, and tone the skin enriching it with the essential nutrients it needs to be healthy. It is important to nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals, and there is no better way to do this than with the Veg Power range of Shahnaz Husain beauty products.
Natural Body Cleansers (Shahnaz Husain)
A pleasant collection of Shahnaz Husain products, the Natural Body Cleansers bring the essences of Nature to your skin. Made from all natural botanical extracts these Shahnaz Husain herbal soaps cleanse and moisturize your skin leaving it fresh with a subtle natural fragrance. Many soaps can take too much oil from your skin and constrict the pores thereby preventing your skin from naturally moisturizing itself. These Shahnaz Husain herbal soaps not only provide natural ayurvedic oils that nourish and moisturize your skin but their mild herbal formula doesn’t constrict or damage the pores the way chemical based soaps do. There are four wonderful cleansers in this line of Shahnaz Husain products, they include: Almond, OOD, Majoriica & Sea Wave Soap.
Forever Salon Products (Shahnaz Husain)
The Shahnaz Forever Salon product line is a powerful range of professional beauty products. Bringing the best that herbal cosmetics has to offer in a unique, first class collection, these Shahnaz Husain beauty products bring the salon to your home. These are five power-packed all natural herbal treatments for you face, skin, and hair that will help you have the all the benefits of a Shahnaz Husain salon without all the costs. They include the gentle Vegetable Exfoliating powder and Mini Face Lift cream for that unmatched Shahnaz Husain facial, as well as a Skin Softening cream, Facial Cleanser, and Henna Precious Herb mix for daily care of your skin and hair. For timeless ayurvedic beauty treatment in new and powerful forms check out the Forever Salon range of Shahnaz Husain products.
Acne Treatment Products (Shahnaz Husain)
Acne can be incorrigible, and if treated improperly can leave scars that last throughout one’s life. It is important to treat acne in an effective but gentle way. The Acne Treatment line of Shahnaz Husain products is a collection of all natural herbal products made in coordination with classic ayurvedic formulations for mild yet powerful treatment of chronic and intermittent acne. These three products blend potent botanical extracts into nourishing creams to provide all-around treatment for acne. Two Shahnaz Husain creams and one lotion for the protection and nourishment of sensitive acne ridden skin that won’t dry or damage but rather cleanse and balance. If acne is a problem for you or one you love, check out this great line of Shahnaz Husain products.
Wrinkle Care Products (Shahnaz Husain)
You can’t stop the clock, but you can slow its effects. As we age our skin loses firmness and elasticity, which allows wrinkles to form. This powerful line of Shahnaz Husain beauty products works deeply to restore and maintain youthful tone and tension of the skin through encouraging the health and vitality of the underlying causes. Shahnaz Husain herbal products are made from all natural ingredients according to ancient ayurvedic standards, but with the insight and power of modern science. These wrinkle care products utilize the best of both worlds to bring you safe and effective anti-wrinkle Shahnaz Husain creams and lotions for a facial that is like the fountain of youth. This line of Shahnaz Husain products is designed to provide complete treatment for visible signs of aging by minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars and helps repair damaged skin. In weeks, see a firmer, smoother complexion with improved color and youthful radiance.
Skin Cleansers (Shahnaz Husain)
These special Shahnaz Husain cleansers are made from all natural ingredients according to ayurvedic principles. These Shahnaz Husain products are designed to work effectively and contribute to the overall and long-term health of the body. They utilize the many purifying qualities of herbs to provide a deep cleanse that leaves the skin moisturized and revitalized. Choose your own favorite daily cleanser from this line of Shahnaz Husain herbal products.
Scars and Blemishes Treatment Products (Shahnaz Hu
Scars and blemishes can be frustrating and embarrassing, as they are often noticeable and hard to remove. Fortunately, through a singular synergy of ancient ayurvedic healing techniques and modern science, there is a special line of Shahnaz Husain products that provides deep healing to damaged skin. They are made with unique blend of botanical extracts that will help soften, smooth, and diminish the appearance of scars and Blemishes. These unique Shahnaz Husain products penetrate deeply into the skin to encourage the metabolic activity of each cell and thereby revitalize and regenerate the affected tissue. The pure Shahnaz Husain herbal ingredients help breakdown scar tissue and encourage healthy natural-looking tissue growth. They are equally effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, burn marks, calluses and other skin hardenings, and can help your skin appear free and clear of scars, stretch marks and other related skin blemishes. Here you will find the four wonderful Shahnaz Husain creams from her Anti-Scar & Blemish line. Including both protective and reparative products there is everything you need to clear away those blemishes and scars.
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