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 Jatamansi Powder Ayurvedic Herb for Restful Sleep
Jatamansi Powder
Item Code: AH-3186
Category   Ayurvedic Churna and Powders
Price  $  9.95
Pack Size   50g (Chakrapani Ayurveda)
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 Product Description:
Jatamansi Powder 

Sanskrit Name: Jatamansi

English Name: Indian Night Shade

Botanical Name: Nardostachys jatamansi

Part Used: Root

Ayurvedic Energetics: Bitter, astringent, cooling, sweet. VPK=

Tissues: nerve, blood

Systems: nervous, muscular, circulatory

Actions: brain tonic, sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue

Indications: anxiety, insomnia, headache, nerve pain, muscle spasms, colic, cramps, menopause, palpitations, hysteria

Preparation: powder (250 to 1 gm), oil

JATAMANSI has a special quality (Prabhava) to treat mental and psychological diseases, helping us deal with emotional turbulence and subconscious traumas. It is perhaps the best and safest Ayurvedic sedative, similar to its relative Valerian in properties but safer and more balancing in its effect, calming but not dulling the way Valerian sometimes is. Unlike Valerian, which is heating, Jatamansi is cooling and helps soothe the overheated mind and inflamed nerves and promotes sound and restful sleep. Combined with Ashwagandha it makes an excellent brain tonic and memory improving agent. Jatamansi can be added to herbal formulas wherever a sedative, analgesic or antispasmodic is required.

For poor memory boil one teaspoon of Jatamansi in one cup of warm milk for five minutes and drink in the early morning (add some sugar or cardamom to help improve the taste if you wish). One-half teaspoon Jatamansi in one teaspoon of honey applied externally serves to beautify the skin.

Traditionally used in India for relaxing mental stimulation, promoting sleep and calming the mind. Used as an infusion, a tea, or as a thick boiled decoction. In India the roots are a well know tranquilizer and may be used alone or along with Valerian. When your mind is racing, occasional stressful situations are keeping you awake or you are having a hard time getting a full night’s sleep, Jatamansi will help. Jatamansi is a powerful nerve tonic that gently relaxes the muscles, relieves nervous tension and helps to cool the mind. Day-to-day stress from a hectic lifestyle may provoke vata in the mind and lead to mental agitation and nervousness. Jatamansi releases excess vata and helps maintain a natural state of peace and well-being.


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