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 Organic Sariva Powder - USDA Certified Organic
Organic Sariva Powder - USDA Certified Organic
Item Code: AH-5496
Category   Ayurvedic Churna and Powders
Price  $  9.95
Pack Size   100gm
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 Product Description:
Organic Sariva Powder - USDA Certified Organic

Sanskrit Name: Sariva
English Name: Indian Sarsaparilla
Botanical Name: Hemidesmus Indicus
Part Used: Root
Ayurvedic Energetics: V=P=K=

Sariva is a cooling and rejuvenating root that is known in Ayurveda as a Rasayana due to its long standing use to purify the blood, the urinary tract, and to encourage the regeneration of tissue. Due to its anti-inflammatory and purifying properties it is regarded as a diuretic, demulcent, blood purifier and mild aphrodisiac. It has been used primarily for inflammatory conditions of the genitourinary tract where it helps to sooth, cool and clean inflamed and irritated vessels. It has diuretic properties that are helpful for urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Furthermore, as sexual dysfunction and decreased libido is usually due to inhibition of blood flow and low energy levels, this combination of properties improves the sexual function of both men and women, increasing energy, improving blood flow to genitalia and promoting stamina.

Suggested Use: Adults, 1 or 2g twice daily before meals with honey, ghee or warm water. Or as advised by your health practione
Ingredients: Each 10gm of powder contains: Sariva-Indian Sasparilla* (Hemidesmus Indicus) - 10g * Certified organically grown


Product Details:

    Item specifics - Powder
    Type: Herbal Food Supplement
    Suitable For: Vegetarians
    Product: Gopala Sariva Powder
    Supply: 15 Days (100g Powder)
    Use-By Date: 2 Years from MFG Date
    Product Form: Powder
    Condition: New & Sealed
    Brand: Gopala Ayurveda

Product Highlights:

    No Heavy Metals.
    No Added Artificial Flavours.
    No Chemical preservatives.
    No Pesticides.
    No genetically Modified Crop Material used.
    Certified as Organic by “Control Union Netherland”.
    Products produced and processed according to NPOP
    standards, NOP (USDA) & EEC regulation 2092/91
    No animal ingredients. Cruelty Free Certified Organic Product. Suitable for vegetarians.
    Thank you for supporting Nature and Biodiversit

* These Statements have not evaluate by the food and drug administration. This product is an Herbal Food Supplementand is not intended to diagnose,treat cure or prevent any disease.

About Gopala Ayurveda

The Hindi meaning Gopala is ‘The Nurturer of the Cow’. The cow is an auspicious blessing from Mother Earth for the good of all humankind. They who care for the blessings which our Mother has given us, care for the Mother herself. It is through this care that the bountiful provision which is our inheritance is enjoyed, preserved and multiplied for ourselves, our children and generations to come. This is our deepest desire and purpose: that all humanity may have life and have it more fully. Our name in every way reflects this desire and the means by which we propose to pursue it. It is for this reason that we use only 100% organically grown, harvested, and processed herbs in our products, support sustainable economics, and endeavor to continue the millennia old tradition of natural and holistic science.

The roots of Gopala Ayurveda reach deep into the rich and ancient naturopathic tradition of Ayurveda. Utilizing the wisdom of this four thousand year old science with the technological potential of modern science we render these ancient formulations in a potent form, all the while maintaining faithful adherence to the formulae and therapies of the ancient texts. To this end, we have spearheaded research to develop Ayurveda’s vast herbal tradition into a comprehensive range of products to support healthiest and longest lives for our customers. These products have been met with warm reception in medical communities all over the world, and continue to serve the personal and healthcare needs of all parts of humanity.

Gopala is a pioneer in purely organic ayurvedic supplements, herbs, and oils. We promote healthy foods and nutritional products, and despite utilizing the benefits of modern science and technology, we train a strict eye on all stages of development and processing to be sure that our products do not suffer contact with any toxic or synthetic chemicals. Since the birth of this project, we have focused on the development of safe and effective remedies that will help people lead richer and healthier lives.

Gopala is not simply organic, which means to be free from any chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial additives, preservatives, and heavy metals, but we are 100% Certified Organic, meaning that the customer has the added security of the USDA regulatory action which requires that all ingredients in all products be traceable through their processing history and to the place of origin. Consequently, the consumer may know both exactly where and when each herb came from and the circumstances surrounding this journey to their hands. Gopala is unique in this regard. Other manufacturers, having claimed proprietary rights to ancient formulae have taken the liberties of enhancing these revered concoctions with preservatives, synthetic substitutes, and more. We, however, continue this venerable tradition as it has been maintained for thousands of years, in the sole interest of a whole and healthy life.

We at Gopala Ayurveda invite you to browse our website’s many products and informative articles and Allow us to serve you and your community with the bounty of Mother Nature!

Many Blessings for Health and Happiness,
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