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 Mosquito Repellent Spray (Vitro Naturals)
Mosquito Repellent Spray (Vitro Naturals)
Item Code: AH-3299
Category   Ayurvedic Cosmetics (Natural Beauty Care Products)
Price  $  9.95
Pack Size   100 ml
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 Product Description:
Mosquito Repellent Spray (Vitro Naturals)

Vitro Naturals Presents, Totally natural formulation, based on Medicinal plant Essential oils.

  • Non Toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost effective effects
  • Act as room freshener
  • Bio Safe Natural Product.
  • Highly effective with no side & Harmful effect 
Plant-based products are safe and biodegradable alternatives to synthetic chemicals for use against mosquitoes.

Main Ingredients:

Pine oil (Pinus longifolia) :

The Pine oil had strong repellent action against mosquitoes as it provided 100% protection against Anopheles culicifacies for 11 h and 97% protection against Culex quinquefasciatus for nine hours respectively. , Pine oil showed strong repellent action against An. culicifacies (malaria vector) and Cx. quinquefasciatus (pest mosquito).

Palmarosa oil (cymbopogon martini):

Used extensively as a fragrance component. Aroma therapists recommend it as an oil to diffuse during flu epidemics. Its action against viral illnesses and against bacteria, together with its pleasant smell make it a great oil to use to disinfect a room.

lemon grass Oil:
(Cymbopogon citratus)

The 1%v/v solution and 15%v/w cream and ointment preparations of the oil exhibited > 50% repellency lasting 2-3h, which may be attributed to Citral, a major oil constituent.

Lavender oil (Lavandula officinalis):

An infusion of lavender is claimed to soothe and heal insect bites. lavender are also said to ward off insects. lavender oil is said to soothe headaches. It is frequently used as an aid to sleep and relaxation.

Citronella Oil:
(Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt)

Citronella oil's most useful quality is that of it being an insect repellent. In Africa, where malaria is a great problem, citronella oil is used to a great extent to keep the pesky disease carrying mosquitoes at bay.

Artemisia Annua:

It has a natural repellent against moths and insects.

Margosa Oil (Azadirachta Indica):

When ingested by the insect, they create hormonal disruptions which prevent the insect from feeding, breeding or metamorphosing. The main active ingredient is Azadirachtin (C35H44O16), a tetranortriterpenoid. It exhibits antifeedant, insect repellent and insect sterilization properties.

Cedar wood oil (Cedrus atlantica):

It is tranquilizing, antiseptic, expectorant, and antifungal. By soothing your mind, it enhances your concentration, thereby enabling you to perform your tasks in a better manner. When you are able to clearly focus on your priorities, it mitigates confusion and keeps away anxiety, fear and nervous tension.

Eucalyptus citriodora:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently recommended Eucalyptus Citriodora as one of their three approved insect repellent ingredients effective  against mosquitoes. Eucalyptus Citriodora Essential Oil is a plant-based repellent that is registered and approved with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Did you know that you are inhaling slow poisonous chemicals through the chemical based mosquito repellents?

All these are Alithrin & Prallethrin Based synthetic chemicals harmful to human being Hazardous according to (*NOHSC) Risk phrases: R22-Harmful if swallowed; R23 Toxic by inhalation (refer to Section 14). Classified as a Dangerous Good. Alletrin has insecticidal powers and acute toxicity generally comparable to the natural pyrethrins (Negherbon, 1959,"Hand Book of Toxicology"vol. HI).

This can cause Bronchitis, Asthma & Cancer.


About Vitro Naturals:

Company belongs to the eminent BAID GROUP of Rajasthan, India which has successful track records in various fields of business and having numerous companies. The Company is established by Mr. J. K. Baid, BE (Mech) having 35 years of experience and has traveled throughout by the world and is having wide exposure of this industry. He is supported by professionally qualified and highly trained technical and commercial personal. Our dream to provide Organic & natural products from natural resources and medicinal plants. To explore Natural Heritage of Nature which is not yell full explored. Vitromed Healthcare in Technical collaboration with Vitro Naturals of USA for Nutritional supplement products, some of them are 1st time in India. Also company has organic certification from Eco-Cert as per NPOP & NOP standards. ISO, GMP & D&B accredited. For some unique natural products The Technology transfers done by CSIR (CIMAP), Govt. of India. Vitromed Healthcare was conceived and established by a group of Professionals dedicated to the idea of making the benefits of modern Home care & nutraceuticals available to mankind at affordable prices.

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