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 Ayurvedic Daily Facial (Tarika Ayurveda)
Ayurvedic Daily Facial (Tarika Ayurveda)
Item Code: AH-1630
Category   Ayurvedic Cosmetics (Natural Beauty Care Products)
Price  $  7.95
Pack Size   50g
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 Product Description:
Ayurvedic Daily Facial (Tarika Ayurveda)

Tarika Daily Facial is an ideal blend of natural Ayurvedic ingredients, created to enhance the complexion and beauty of your skin. A holistic and balanced formula, Tarika  Daily Facial works deep under your skin to nourish the skin cells and improve blood circulation to keep the skin soft and smooth. It aids in new tissue formation and helps remove toxins.  It brings a glow even to a dull skin.

Tarika Daily Facial is 100% natural and can be used on all skin-types. Its regular application helps to keep the facial skin blemish free and to remove dark spots, under-eye patches, scars, pimple / acne scars / marks and minor skin eruptions. It draws out impurities and protects the skin from pollution.

Ingredients Of Daily Facial:

Rubia cordifolia 20%, Acorus calumas 6%, Emblica officinalis 6%, Pistacia integerrima 5%, Berberis aristata 4%, Sausurea lappa 2%, Ceasalpinia Bonduc 1.8%, Cyperus rotundus 1.6%, Curcuma aromatica 1%, Terminalia Chebula 0.8%, Symplocos racemosa 0.8%, Myrobalan belerica 0.7%, Hedychium spicatum 0.5%, Myristica fragrans 0.5% systematically blended with mineral rich clays found in ponds and river beds in ecologically pure zones 49.3%.


TARIKA Ayurvedic Daily Facial has been specially formulated for daily use.  In contrast to facials which take time, TARIKA Daily Facial is quick, effective and easy.  At the same time it gives all the benefits of a facial in a soothing way.  Its pure, natural herbs and minerals known for their beneficial qualities ensure maximum care for your skin. It is gentle on all types of skin.

Directions for use: Wash face.  Take approx. 1/2 gm of TARIKA Ayurvedic Daily Facial in a small bowl or dish and make a paste with a little water / milk / fresh yogurt (curd).  Apply the paste on the whole face.  Then, using your finger tips, gently but firmly massage the face with upward strokes which lift the skin, particularly under the eyes, forehead, cheeks & neck.  Leave the paste on for 3 to 5 minutes before washing it off.  (Leave it as a pack for 30 minutes for better effects.) Wash face preferably with tepid water before application.

Effects: Regular use of TARIKA Ayurvedic Daily Facial deep cleanses and decongests the skin pores, removers toxins and stimulates blood circulation, it improves the complexion to make the skin look naturally fair with a youthful glow.  Its unique formula nourishes and tones up the skin to help offset the early formation of wrinkles.  TARIKA Daily Facial is naturally antiseptic and antifungal and protects the skin from pollutants and weather changes.  It is useful for all types of skin.

TARIKA Daily Facial is particularly useful for:

improving the skin complexion for a fair and youthful look: it brings a glow even to dull skin.

dark patches under the eyes, on cheeks etc., caused due to pollution  & impurities.

pimples, pimple marks, scars, skin eruptions.

minor nicks and cuts as a foundation before make-up for complete protection of skin.

A massage of the elbows, forearms, knee with TARIKA Daily Facial keeps them soft and smooth.

Gentle, Maximum care for your skin.  Brings a glow even to dull skin.


About Tarika Ayurlabs:

We researched into different types of clays to understand their therapeutic and beneficial qualities. Each type of clay had its unique quality which it absorbed from its surroundings. The clays in forest ponds were rich with the properties of the medicinal herbs that grew on the edge of the ponds. In virgin forests and hilly areas of India, not inhabited by humans, and along the banks of flowing rivers, medicinal herbs and trees with curative properties grow freely. During the monsoon rains the ponds and water bodies in the forests and hills are fed with the rich herbal and mineral deposits that flow into them, enriching the pond and river bed clays with their therapeutic qualities. These clays are collected and used for Tarika and Mysteribath products.

They are first washed and dried in the sun - the natural sunlight plays an important role in many Ayurvedic preparations - it not only has a strong disinfectant and purifying quality, it also energises and enhances the quality of the herbs and minerals. The clays are further purified and enriched with extracts of chosen herbs. Finally, different combinations of Ayurvedic herbs are added to these clays to create Tarika and Mysteribath products.

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