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Beauty & Personal Care >> Biotique Herbal Products
Baby Care Products
Biotique have range of baby care products for those lovely moms who want to give their baby the best. Shop healthy Biotique baby care products through our online store.
ACNE Treatment
Biotique Ayurvedic has two products for the treatment of acne and pimples - Bio Myristica Pack & Bio Wintergreen Cream (Oil of Winter Green Cream). These are foremost among Biotique face packs for the cleansing and rejuvenation of skin damaged by acne. With a unique combination of biotique botanical extracts that scrub away oils and dirt from the surface and simultaneously penetrate deep into the inner skin to invigorate the vital fire present in every cell, these two products stem, prevent, and heal acne and zits from the roots up.
Lip Balms
Here is the complete range of the exciting new Biotique herbal lip balms with six distinct flavors and applications. Bringing the best that ayurvedic medicine has to offer, Biotique Herbal has provided a lip balm for each of your lip treatment needs. The Aloe Vera lip balm nourishes, the Almond Over-night treatment restores, the Peppermint Fresh-Kiss freshens, and the Bio-Fruit whitens while the Bio Berry Plumps up those lips. Whether you have chapped lips or just want your lips to look their best, there is a Biotique herbal lip balm for you.
Face Fresheners
A fresh face welcomes the new day. Biotique herbals offers two wonderful face fresheners to cool and cleanse the face in the morning or after a long day’s work. Not to be confused with Biotique face packs and facial cleansers, these utilize the natural cooling and nurturing qualities of cucumber and honey to refresh the face, offering instant relaxation and restoring the spark of life to your face which is essential cheerful expression.
Foot Cream
The power of Ayurvedic medicine is specially harnessed for the health your feet in Biotique’s herbal Costus Foot Cream. It is a rich, cooling, foot cream made with the extracts of costus root, dandelion and sunflower oil. All ingredients are completely natural and carefully blended for the greatest effect and benefit of your feet. Biotique herbal products are designed to bring beauty through providing health, and this is no less true with the Costus Foot Cream. For tired, worn, cracked and drying feet, Biotique Herbal Costus Foot Cream will soothe and restore even the most exhausted feet.
Body Cleansers
This pair of unique soap free body cleansers is a special product to be found among Biotique beauty products. If you have skin sensitive to soaps, APRICOT GEL and HONEY CREAM, are just the products for you. These Biotique products harness the healing and nourishing qualities of apricot and honey in special cleansing formulations without the caustic effects of soap. Keeping with their commitment to providing beauty through health these special Biotique beauty products are all natural and made from pure ayurvedic herbs and oils.
Skin Vitaliser
Biotique Herbal provides a special skin vitalizer to tone and rejuvenate the skin. Dandelion Face Vitalizer is formulated with the wisdom of ayurvedic medicine to eliminate wrinkles, make the skin tight, and improve complexion. This Biotique product brings the healing and purifying powers of the dandelion in cooperation additional ayurvedic oils and herbs for an all natural solution to your skin concerns.
Biotique SandalWood Talc
Here is the best-selling Biotique Sandalwood Talc powder. It smoothes and softens the skin while it cools and dries, keeping the skin free from dirt, sweat, and stinky oils. Made with pure Holy Basil leaf, Red Sandalwood powder and the highest grade Talcom powder, this Biotique cosmetic product is of the finest quality. The commitment of Biotique Herbal to superior products for health and beauty is especially displayed here in Biotique Sandalwood Talc.
Biotique Men Care
Biotique Men Care is a full range of products for Man’s every cosmetic need. Beauty is not just skin deep, it is the health of the body through and through, and it is not just for women, but for men too. This range of herbal ayurvedic products is specially formulated for the health and care of men’s skin, hair, and body. All Biotique products are completely natural and made with pure Biotique botanical extracts so that they are safe and most encouraging to health and beauty. The Men’s Care line of Biotique products are designed to aid men in all their shave, shower, and after bath activities. They include: Bio Palmyra shaving cream, Bio Wild Grass After Shave gel, Bio Orris Root Face & Body Cleanser, Bio-Sea Kelp Shower Gel, Bio Ocean Wave Hair Gel, Bio- Plantain After shave balm and Bio bitter orange nourishing lotion.
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