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Beauty & Personal Care >> Biotique Herbal Products
Lip Care Products
Lip Care Products
Hair Care Products
Biotique hair products cover the full range of hair care needs. Innovatively utilizing classic ayurvedic oils and herbs in new and special hair care formulations, Biotique hair products bring new life to the world of ayurvedic hair treatment. There is a Biotique hair oil or shampoo for everything from premature hair loss or greying to the daily care and protection of already rich and vibrant hair. It is important to care properly for your hair, and this includes regular use of herbal hair care products such as these. Free of harmful chemicals, there is no better choice for your hair than Biotique shampoos and oils. It is no wonder that these are quickly becoming some of the best selling Biotique Products on the market.
Eye Care Products
Here all the Biotique herbal eye care products can be found, from the famous Biotique Kajal to Almond Under Eye Cream & Sea Weed Eye Gel. The eyes are the gateway to the soul and their care is very important. The range of Biotique herbal eye care products are not simply cosmetic but are also profoundly healing and revitalizing to the eyes and surrounding tissues. These herbal eye care products eliminate puffiness & dark circles, reduce visible wrinkles & fine lines, improves eye makeup application and lends a sparkle to the eyes. Calling forth the ancient wisdom of ayurvedic medicine, Biotique Herbal has created some unique and novel treatments for the all these ailments of the eyes, but has also rendered ancient products in new and effective ways, like the Biotique Kajal.
Face Packs
We provide a comprehensive range of Biotique face packs made from the finest all natural ayurvedic herbs, oils, nuts, and spices for the treatment of all manners of facial skin conditions. From dark circles under the eyes to blemishes and acne there is a face pack specially designed to meet every need. Biotique face packs include - Mud Pack, Fruit Pack, Pistachio Pack, Clove Oil & Wild Turmeric Pack & Milk Protein Pack. Biotique product reviews show that these are some of the most popular Biotique herbal products. They bring the cleansing and revitalizing power of an ayurvedic spa into your home, for a nourishing and rejuvenating treatment your face will love.
Nourishers and Moisturisers
Biotique Herbal has a wide range of natural ayurvedic nourishing and moisturizing creams made from many varieties of herbs and spices for the treatment of different skin types and conditions. We carry the complete range of Biotique Herbal Creams, from Morning Nectar Cream to Avocado Massage Oil, and everything in between. Biotique cosmetic creams are completely natural and are made from only the finest ingredients. For the health and beauty of the skin, there is no better place to look than here for the best-selling Biotique beauty products.
Bath and Massage Oils
Rest and relaxation are essential to good health. Biotique Herbal offers a line of ayurvedic oils for bath and massage. Biotique Avacado Massage oil brings the rich and nourishing essence of the avocado into harmony with additional ayurvedic oils, herbs, and spices to render a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating oil for localized or full body massage. Biotique Carrot Seed After Bath Oil composes a powerful symphony of cleansing and revitalizing ayurvedic herbs and spices in a medium of carrot seed oil to strengthen and tone the skin after a bath. Made from organic Biotique botanical extracts Biotique beauty products unlock the power of nature for your health and beauty.
Sun Protectors
The sun is the source of life, but over exposure is dangerous and damaging to the health of the skin and body. Biotique herbal sun protectors are made according to ayurvedic principles and by modern standards to provide not only protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but also to moisturize and tone the skin, making it stronger and clearer. Red Sandalwood Cream, Aloevera Protective Cream & Carrot Protective Cream are the three Biotique Sun Protectors, each with their own special potencies and purposes. These are some of the best-selling Biotique products and are designed to work in harmony with all of the other Biotique herbal products so as to provide the best care and protection for your body.
Facial Cleansers
Biotique Facial Cleansers are nourishing, natural and deeply cleansing. There are four varieties - Berberry Lotion, Almond Oil Cleanser, Honey Gel & Pineapple Fruit Gel, each designed to meet different needs and tastes. Biotique herbal products, especially Biotique soaps, are carefully formulated to work deeply, cleaning and healing, without harming the skin and the body. These all natural facial cleansers clear away dirt from the surface as well as deep in the pores, while they simultaneously moisturize and revitalize the very sensitive skin of the face.
Biotique herbal products offer a full range of deep cleansing and gently scrubbing exfoliators to clean away dead and dying skin and leave your face and body feeling fresh like new! All Biotique beauty products are completely natural made with the best ayurvedic herbs, oils and spices. Biotique herbal exfoliators are no different, the Papaya Scrub, Peaches & Plum Peel, and Walnut Skin Polisher are natural formulations for the deep cleansing of your skin and pores. Made with pure Biotique botanical extracts these three formulations bring the essence of the India to your face to not only clean it but leave it with the kiss of the tropical sun.
Biotique Soaps
We carry the complete line of Biotique soaps. These four Biotique soaps bring the best ingredients of India into your home for the refreshing and cleansing of your body and mind. Biotique soaps are made from all natural nuts, fruit, herbs, spices and creams, and are especially nourishing and moisturizing to the skin in a variety of ways. From the Almond Oil Soap to the Orange Peel Exfoliator, each soap serves a unique and essential purpose. Don’t miss out on these wonderful Biotique products.
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