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 Red Chilli Whole Regular - USDA Certified Organic
Red Chilli Whole Regular - USDA Certified Organic
Item Code: IST-1219
Category   Organic Tea & Spices
Price  $  3.25
Pack Size   50gm (Sanjeevani Organics)
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 Product Description:
Organic Red Chilli Whole Regular

Brighter and hotter Red Chilli Whole every spicy Indian dish thus imparting brighter Red color.

Know This Product
  • A very important spice crop demanded as whole, flakes and powder, and is regularly consumed in very large quantities. No Indian palate is accustomed to bland food. We need Red chilies whole regular to pep up any savory dish. For less spicy food with perfect red color–regular red Chili whole is the option. These chilies are longer and pungent; give a vibrant red color to a dish. Finely grounded and distinctly flavored Chilies are selectively bred for color and flavor. Many variations depending on heat value (Pungency) of chilly are cultivated in Maharashtra project areas of Morarka. Generally three levels of heat value i.e. about 15000-20000, 25000-30000 and 40000 are offered by Morarka. In addition Morarka also has some very high pungency Red Chilies, from Northeast region of India, popularly known as Birds Eye and Naga Chili. Recently Morarka has also developed drying process for green chili and its powder form is now becoming very popular as a table spice. In addition to heat value consumer also have preference for the chili that imparts more red color to the food.
  • Our Red Chili Whole Regular gives a glowing red color to dishes without imparting too much heat, thereby making the dish more appealing and palatable. The skin of chili is thick, red and hot. It has its peak harvesting season from November to March. Its heat value is 25000-30000.
  • Red chili whole is used liberally in almost every spicy Indian dish. These are brighter and hotter than regular chilies. Chilies, high in vitamin C, have been found to stimulate the appetite, destroy harmful toxins and purify the blood.
Ingredient: Red Chili Whole Regular.

Quality & Certifications
  • Organic Certification: One Cert Asia Agri Certification (P) Ltd.
  • As per NOP (USDA), NPOP (Govt. of India) and EU Standards for Organic Production.


S. No.Quality ParametersTargeted Standard Values
1.Defined & tested through physical verification
1.1Color of the product RedNormal known and accepted Color
1.2Size of the product in cm  L=3-5, B=1.3-1.5Normal known and accepted size  
1.3Organic extraneous matter as determined in percentage0.1-0.5%Presence of other plant materials other than the product like husk, chaff, straw, weed
1.4Inorganic extraneous matter as maximum in percentageNIL-0.1%Presence of sand, gravel, dirt, pebbles, stone
1.5Shrunken and immature grains in percentage0.5-1.0%That are not properly developed
1.6Loose seeds as maximum in percentage2.5-3.0%Seeds of the same crop
1.7Insect damaged & infested product in percentage0.5-1.0%Grains damaged by insects during cultivation and harvesting
1.8Physical damaged & discolored in percentage2.5-3.0%Some product either damaged or Change in color as result of deteriorative changes
2Tested through chemical process verification
2.1Moisture content in the product in percentage10.0%Maximum moisture level recommended for safe storage
2.2Total acid insoluble ash in percentage1.0%Presence of silicious matter
2.3Total ash as maximum in percentage


About Sanjeevani Organics:

Sanjeevani Organics is an Uttarakhand based organization dealing with Organic Food Products and producing organic products like as basmati rice for last 8 years in India. We are one of the largest producer and supplier of organic foods products in India and abroad. The brand is an outcome of more than 8 years of organic food research and development.

Spread of Organic Agriculture
  • Total Own Project area under Organic Production – 1200 Hectare
  • Number of Farmers associated directly with us – 624 Farmers
  • Number of Farmer Groups associated with us – 24 Groups
  • Number of Farmers associated Indirectly with us – 2354 Farmers (3489 Hectares)
  • Number of Farmer Groups associated Indirectly with us – 41 Gropus
  • Organic Project Areas spread including our own and associates:

- Uttarakhand – Dehradun, Haridwar, Rudrapur, Bazpur, Chakrata, Kalsi etc
- Rajasthan – Sirohi/ Pali/ Jodhpur/ Asnawar/ Jhalawar/ Kota/ Bharatpur/ Sikar/ Jaisalmer
- Madhya Pradesh - Baramati / Indore
- Maharashtra – Dhule/ Amravati/ Akola/ Sangli/ Hingoli/ Jalgaon/ Raver/ Mandsor
- Karnatka – Siddapur, Hubli, Sirsi
- Punjab

At Sanjeevani, we are committed to support Organic cultivation to protect farmers, planet and you. Beyond delivering the highest quality of Product, our organic products are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We employ traditional farming methods that sustain the nutritive value of food without subjecting the crop to chemical warfare. Sanjeevani Organics seeks to introduce harmony in the way we eat, live and interact with our environment. Company has a professional team for ICS (Internal Control System) and has extensive field experience in organic cultivation.

 Currency Information
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