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 Triphala Guggul Ayurvedic Detoxification Formula
Triphala Guggul
Item Code: AH-1297
Category   Ayurvedic Products & Herbal Supplements
Price  $  7.95
Pack Size   120 Tablets (PRANA AYURVEDA)
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 Product Description:
Triphala Guggul | Ayurvedic Detoxification Formula by Prana Ayurveda

Triphala Guggul is a compound of Triphala, Trikatu and guggul with a bhavana of Triphala decoction. Gugguls are special pills made with the resin of guggul, Commiphora mukul, a relative of myrrh. They are mainly for treating arthritis, nervous system disorders, skin diseases and obesity, many of the same conditions. Their advantage over myrrh is that they are purified so that the resin does not damage kidney function. Guggul is purified by boiling it in herbal decoctions like Triphala and then straining out the purified resin, herbal powders or extracts are added to the purified guggul resin, often with ghee.

Ingredients: Guggul, Triphala and Trikatu.

Guggul scrapes ama and fat from the body, purifies blood, strengthens the nerves and rejuvenates the tissues. It is an excellent yogavahi (a compound that carries the other substances mixed with it deep into the tissues); when added to a compound, it potentiates its fellow ingredients. Its strong anti-inflammatory action makes guggul the best medicine for many kinds of arthritis. It is also useful in treating hay fever and chronic bronchitis (in which its smoke is inhaled), consumption, emaciation, diarrhoea, colitis, chronic indigestion, hepatitis and leucorrhoea. Like its cousin, myrrh, it strengthens and purifies the gums and teeth and is added to poultices for swellings and boils.

Triphala Guggul removes obstructions to the channels and dries out the body. It is used in acute arthritis and rheumatism, to help control obesity, and for boils, carbuncles, abscesses, sinuses and so on.

Suggested Dosage: 2 tabs three time a day.

Triphala Guggul is blend of herbs, spices, and the cherished gum Guggul carefully rendered to deeply cleanse the body of stagnate and accumulated tissue. It combines the famous tri-doshic fruit blend Triphala with the equally renowned spice trio Trikatu, and these together in the medium of Guggul gum. These three combine to penetrate deeply into the tissues of the body and thoroughly cleanse it of ama, fats, and all manners of accumulation that stifles proper flow and function of the body.  Triphala Guggul is a powerful ayurvedic medicine, and is recommended for a variety of conditions that involve restriction of bodily processes due to blockage and accumulation. Let’s take a closer look and see how it works.

Triphala is the central trio to this threefold herbal blend. Triphala is composed of the three tri-doshic herbs, Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. Each of these is powerful in its own right, and even more so in this celebrated blend. Amalaki is strong rejuvenating herb that primarily directs its effects towards the balancing of pitta and the internal fire of the body. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, containing as much Vitamin C in one fruit as there is in two-dozen oranges. Haritaki is similarly a powerful healing herb but primarily works to balance vata. It is an effective cleansing agent for the digestive tract and the arteries, and also warming and soothing to all tissues of the body. Bibhitaki is likewise a great tonic, but primarily for kapha. It breaks down accumulated fats and mucous and is a great aid to the respiratory system. These three join in a unique synergy that cleans and balances the whole body. In addition, they provide a great boost to the immune system and all have proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant effects, rendering them strong allies in the fight against disease and age.

Trikatu is a famous blend of three pungent spices, and here works to support and enhance the effects of triphala and guggul. Trikatu is composed of Ginger, Black Pepper, and Indian Long Pepper. Ginger is regarded as the most sattvic, or wise, of all pungent spices in ayurvedic medicine for its subtle stimulative and cleansing effects on the body. It works well on all tissues and doshas. It is a stimulant and expectorant, that expels mucous and fat from the body, and it also stokes the internal fire and enhances the metabolism of all tissues. Black Pepper and Indian Long Pepper work to enhance the actions of ginger with their pungent spiciness. Black pepper is one of the most powerful digestive stimulants. It burns up accumulated toxins that suppress proper digestion. Indian long pepper, a close relative of black pepper, works similarly as a stimulant to the digestive system, but also directs its actions to the more subtle vessels of the respiratory system. These three combine to form Trikatu, and light a fire behind the healing and balancing actions of Triphala, increasing its potency and range of effect.

The final portion of this trio is Guggul, which acts both as the base and the leader of this powerful cleansing tonic. Guggul is a gum that is derived from the resinous sap of a small tree that grows only in the two West Indian states of Gujarat and Rajastan. Guggul is an aromatic gum that is similar in texture and fragrance to Myrrh, and like myrrh is used in many formulations of incense and perfumes, but Guggul is also a powerful cleansing agent for the body. It works both stem the production of cholesterol in the liver as well as scraping it from the muscles and vessel linings in the arteries, veins, and subtle channels. Guggul also increases white blood cell count and disinfects bodily secretions such as mucous, sweat, and urination. It clears the lungs and helps heal mucous membranes. Although not nutritive in itself, it acts as a catalyst to enhance tissue regeneration, particularly nerve tissue, when combined with regenerative herbs such those in Triphala. It reduces toxins, fat, tumors, and any dead tissue, and is the best treatment for arthritis.

Benefits & Uses: This threefold treatment is a powerful medicine for a body clogged and congested by the chronic accumulations of cholesterol and toxins. It penetrates deep to cleanse all tissues, open up blocked channels, and burn away unnecessary mucous and fat. It gets to the root of the issue by stimulating and cleaning the digestive system, whose under-activity is the fundamental cause of toxic and stifling accumulations. Triphala Guggul is one of the best treatments for obesity and high-cholesterol. It is the most effective and safe remedy for long term use against any variety of inflammatory condition, from oedema and tumors to piles and lipoma. Triphala Guggul is a powerful ayurvedic formulation that both cleanses the body and restores healthy balance to the doshas. 

Side Effects: To date, no side effects have been reported with Triphala Guggul. Women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to consult with a physician prior to use. 

Pack Size: 120 Tablets


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