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 Amla Ras (Pure Amalaki Juice)
Amla Ras (Pure Amalaki Juice)
Item Code: AH-1331
Category   Chyawanprash and Ayurvedic Rasayanas
Price  $  14.95
Pack Size   500 ml
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 Product Description:
Amla (Amalaki) is one of the valuable gift of nature to mankind for body fitness. Amla is the richest source of natural vitamin C. It was not a magic that in ancient days Sages and Saints enjoyed a longevity of more than 100 years. They used to take amla regularly and followed a disciplined life.

Amalaki is worshipped in several Vedic festivals. In sacred texts such as the Puranas, it is referred to as divaushadhi, which means it is a divine plant, divine ayurvedic medicine. One of the properties that makes it divine is that it contains five of the six tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. The only taste missing is salty. This gives it a holistic, balancing effect on the doshas. Very few fruits have this quality. Vata is pacified by the heavy quality (guna) of Amalaki. Initially, when you taste Amalaki it is sour, which also pacifies Vata. But its vipaka, or post-digestive taste, is sweet, and the virya, or potency is cool, and both of these characteristics pacify Pitta. Kapha is pacified because the Amalaki's other predominant quality (guna) is dry, and it also contains the astringent, pungent and bitter tastes. So that is the beauty of this fruit: it is tridoshic, which means that it is pacifying to all three doshas. It is good for all seasons, all weather conditions, and all body types. This is what makes it a divine plant.

After a long research it has been discovered that to enjoy the maximum benefits and natural herbal qualities of Amla one should take Amla Juice instead of Amla Murabaa (preserve).

To get rid from the symptoms of aging like lack of enthusiasm, getting irritated due to lack of energy and weakness, weakening of the vision, premature graying and hair fall…take two tea spoonful of Amla Juice twice daily.

Patients suffering from high blood Sugar (Diabetes) with side effects like skin allergy, blood pressure, weakening of the vision, getting irritated due to weakness should take two spoonfuls of Amla Juice twice a day continuously for a long period and cure yourself from sugar problem and its side effects.

Health benefits of Pure Amla Juice:

1. Provide an excellent source of Vitamin C
2. Boon for Diabetics   
3. Nourish the Brain and Mental Functioning
4. Prevents Premature Graying and Hair Fall.
5. Controls Gastric Problems and Enhances Food Absorption
6. Improves Vision of the Eyes
7. Helps lose weight naturally
8. Provides nourishment before and after childbirth
9. An excellent blood purifier and hence useful in skin diseases
10. Keeps the bad effects of Aging and Blood Pressure under control
11. Strengthen the Lungs
12. Enhance Fertility
13. Flush Out Toxins
14. Act as a Body Coolant (excellent for pitta dosha)
15. Strengthen the Eyes
16. Act as an Antioxidant
17. Strengthen Immunity
18. Balance Hyperacidity
19. Support Skin Health and Appearance
20. Fortify the Liver

Composition:  500 ml AVG Amla Ras contains Whole edible Green Amla (emblica officinalis) 80% Enriched & Processed with Aqua Extracts of Tulsi (Holy Basil, ocimum sanctum) and Green Elaichi (Cardamom, elettaria cardamomum)
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