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Item Code: AH-1593
Category   Ayurvedic Soaps, Shampoos & Toothpastes
Price  $  7.95
Pack Size   100g
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 Product Description:
Mysteribath Herbomineral Ayurvedic Bathing Powder

A unique combination of detoxifying, exfoliating mineral clays combined with energizing and relaxing Ayurvedic herbs for use in shower, as a body pack and for general well-being.

 After long years of practical research and study MYSTERIBATH HERBOMINERAL AYURVEDIC BATHING POWDER was formulated according to the ancient Indian Ayurvedic scriptures. Specially selected herbs, roots, plants etc. known for their beneficial qualities and mineral clays collected from ponds and rivers in virgin forests of India, rich with herbal nutrients, are synergistically blended in Mysteribath to promote natural bodily health, well-being and beauty It deep cleanses the skin pores, draws out toxins, removes dullness and fatigue, improves blood circulation and promotes total well-being. It is safe for tender and sensitive skins or those allergic to soaps.

 A bath-massage with Mysteribath Herbomineral makes the skin tingle with joy.  Keeps the skin soft, emollient, healthy and radiant. No soap is necessary as Mysteribath Herbomineral cleanses better than soaps.

 It can be used in spas, health clubs, resorts, yoga and natural healing centres for deep-cleansing and detoxification treatments.

Who will find Mysteribath Herbomineral most beneficial?

1. People in showbiz, modelling will find In Mysteribath Herbomineral  the right  combination    of  deep cleansing and exfoliating   qualities to keep their skins smooth and emollient with a natural shine.
2. Those allergic to soaps and chemical bath products.
3. Children suffering from rashes, prickly heat, skin irritations due to weather
    and pollution.
4. Those convalescing after a long illness.
5. Those with rough skins
6. Those who have excess sweating
7. Spas, health clubs, yoga and natural healing centres

 Mysteribath Herbomineral is a 100% pure and natural formula with no chemical or artificial additives.

Ingredients of  Mysteribath Herbomineral:

Curcuma aromatica -5.4 %, Hedychium spicatim -0.5%, Acorus calumas -2.0%, Embelia ribes -0.5%, Emblica officinalis - 1.0%, Terminalia belerica - 0.8%, Rhus succedanea / Pistacia integerrima - 0.7%, Caesalpinia bonduc - 1.0 %, Abbies webbiana - 2.0 %, Berberis aristata -1.0%, Cyperus rotundus - 5.3%, Aloe indica / Aloe barbadensis -0.2%, all systematically processed with herbal and mineral rich layers / clays found in ecologically pure zones 78.6%.

No animal ingredients. Not tested on animals. Environment friendly


For daily baths:

1. Take two teaspoons (approx. 10 gms) of Mysteribath Herbomineral in a small dish or bowl and make a thin paste with a little water. One can also use milk for preparing the paste.

2. Apply on the wet body from head to foot.

3. Rub the paste on the whole body for a minute or two, particularly the forehead, eyelids, neck, chest, stomach (in a clockwise motion), genitals, spinal cord, joints and any sore or affected part. If the paste feels dry, sprinkle some water and continue rubbing.

4. Wash the paste off with water only (no soap is necessary as Mysteribath cleanses
and freshens the body like no soap can), rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.

Mysteribath deep cleans the skin pores. It refreshes the body and renders the skin soft and smooth.

Bath Massages:

A bath-massage with Mysteribath following the above process but massaging the body for 6 to 10 minutes at least (if possible with a larger quantity of Mysteribath for better effects) is particularly beneficial. Long Mysteribath bath-massages with firm and gentle movements improve the blood circulation and the urine flow, relax and render supple the muscles and tissues, make the skin soft, smooth, lustrous and prevent various bodily problems.

A Mysteribath bath-massage combines the exfoliating qualities of mineral rich clays with the nourishing and energising effects of Ayurvedic herbs.

 It removes dullness and fatigue and leaves you with a wonderful feeling of well-being

 It feeds and nourishes the skin cells and tissues with all the natural goodness of
chosen Ayurvedic herbs and minerals highly esteemed for their beneficial qualities
in the ancient science of Ayurveda.

Use Mysteribath Herbomineral in combination with Tarika Ayurvedic Body oil for a smoother, softer skin and total body freshness. Just add one teaspoonful (about 5 ml) of Tarika Body oil to a Mysteribath paste and follow the above instructions to massage / rub on your body. This adds moisture to the skin and relaxes the nerves.


As an Eyewash: Bathe and lightly massage the eyelids and the forehead with a thin paste of Mysteribath. It relieves tiredness after strain or work. (Mysteribath is gentle and harmless to the eyes). Mix 2 teaspoons of Mysteribath in a glass of water and let stand for 1 hour or more. Use daily the solution leaving out the sediment at the bottom to wash the eyes. This helps to keep the vision clear and prevent eye problems.

Before Make-up: Wash and massage the face with Mysteribath for a smooth and soft skin.

As a Mouthwash: Rinse the mouth with a diluted solution of Mysteribath and massage the gums and teeth for naturally fresh oral hygiene. Repeat this 5 to 6 times a day for relief from allergy and minor sores in the mouth.

Toothaches: To soothe sore gums or aching teeth, liberally apply a thick paste of Mysteribath covering the affected area and let it remain for 15 to 20 minutes.

Dental Care: For total care of your teeth, instead of ordinary toothpastes / powders, massage thoroughly your teeth and gums with a thick paste of Mysteribath, using the index finger as far as possible, or else a very soft brush. This keeps the teeth and gums clean, strong and healthy. Mysteribath is useful against bleeding and spongy gums.

For a Restful Sleep: Wash and massage the knees down to the feet and soles with Mysteribath before sleeping. This relaxes the nerves and induces a restful sleep. For better results, massage and apply a very thin paste of Mysteribath on the knees down to the feet and soles and leave to dry before sleeping. Mysteribath does not stain.

Common Headaches: A gentle massage of the forehead, at the temples and around the eyes with a Mysteribath paste gives relief. Also wash the scalp with a gentle massage with a diluted solution of Mysteribath for relaxing / toning up nerves and relief from fatigue.

As a Shampoo: Mix 3 teaspoonfuls of Mysteribath with approx. 1 litre of water and let it remain for 2 hours or more. Wash and massage the hair and scalp with the solution water leaving the sediment at the bottom. This helps to prevent premature graying and hair falling.

As an After Shave : Wash and massage with Mysteribath to soothe and soften the skin and prevent irritation.

Prickly Heat and Skin Rash / Allergies: Regular bath treatments with Mysteribath help prevent and bring soothing relief from prickly heat and summer rashes. If possible, massage and apply a thin paste on the affected skin area and wash off with water after an hour. Repeat these treatments 2 to 3 times a day for early relief. For small children use warm water to make the paste, or, simply sprinkle the dry Mysteribath powder and wipe / wash after about 20 minutes.

After Sports: A long bath-massage with Mysteribath effectively relieves tiredness and relaxes the muscles and tissues. Mix a teaspoon of Tarika Body oil to the paste for better results.

Itches, Insect–bites, Skin-problems: Rub the affected area with a thin paste of Mysteribath. Wash with clean water and apply a thick Mysteribath paste. Leave for approx. 2 hours. Repeat 4 to 5 times a day.

Common cough and colds: Gargling with a diluted solution (preferably warm) of Mysteribath and washing and massaging the forehead, eyelids and the nose area with a thin Mysteribath paste alleviates the clogged passages and brings relief.

As a Face-scrub: Massaging the face well 2 to 3 times a day with Mysteribath paste deep cleans the pores and removes toxins. This prevents pimples, spots and makes the skin soft and smooth (Also use our Tarika Ayurvedic Pimple Remover for treating pimples, acne, scars, spots.)

Neck and Facial Masque: Apply a thick Mysteribath paste made with water / cucumber paste as a masque and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes or more, before washing. This helps to remove unwanted spots, wrinkles, lines, tightens the skin and adds luster. (Also use our Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash and Tarika Night Oil for face for treating marks, scars, patches, eye-shadows, lines)

Corns on the soles of the feet: For relief from pain, apply a thick paste of Mysteirbath 2 to 3 times a day on the corns and around and leave it on for about an hour. In some cases, it has been seen that old corns drop off after regular application for about 10 days or so.

By the twin methods of rubbing / massaging and application one can treat various bodily problems with Mysteribath.

Mysteribath is a harmless Ayurvedic product ideal for self-treatment.

Particular Indications: spasmodic pains, tension,e.g.:

Backaches, pains, Discomforts: A good quantity of Mysteribath made into a thin paste and massaged long and well through the entire middle portion from the waist to the knees and the lower back brings relief. Regular bath-massages with Mysteribath are also useful. N.B. Use warm water during menses.

Urinary Discomforts: Gently massage the lower stomach and the genitals with a thin paste of Mysteribath. Regular bath-massages also help ease the urine flow.


About Tarika Ayurlabs:

We researched into different types of clays to understand their therapeutic and beneficial qualities. Each type of clay had its unique quality which it absorbed from its surroundings. The clays in forest ponds were rich with the properties of the medicinal herbs that grew on the edge of the ponds. In virgin forests and hilly areas of India, not inhabited by humans, and along the banks of flowing rivers, medicinal herbs and trees with curative properties grow freely. During the monsoon rains the ponds and water bodies in the forests and hills are fed with the rich herbal and mineral deposits that flow into them, enriching the pond and river bed clays with their therapeutic qualities. These clays are collected and used for Tarika and Mysteribath products.

They are first washed and dried in the sun - the natural sunlight plays an important role in many Ayurvedic preparations - it not only has a strong disinfectant and purifying quality, it also energises and enhances the quality of the herbs and minerals. The clays are further purified and enriched with extracts of chosen herbs. Finally, different combinations of Ayurvedic herbs are added to these clays to create Tarika and Mysteribath products.

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