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>> Essential Oils & Incense
Natural Essential Oils (Auroshikha)
Auroshikha brings you a century old tradition that uses the aromatic properties of medicinal plants to promote relaxation and well-being. These Pure Natural Essential Oils extracted from petals, seeds, leaves, fruits, roots and barks.
Incense Sticks (Agarbattis)
Burning incense is a healing, soothing and uplifting activity. Light incense to relax after a long day, to return to the joy and gratitude of being alive and to remember loved ones. Burning incense is not just a way of masking unpleasant smells, but a way to refresh your heart and mind. We have a great selection of incense Sticks for you to choose from, including Hem Agarbattis, Nagchampa Agarbattis, Sai Flora Agarbattis and Shalimar range of Agarbattis.
Incense Cones
The incense cones are made of a paste consisting of the powders of dried flower petals, sweet smelling herbs and woods, spices, resins, charcoal which is an excellent burning material and perfumes based on Natural Essential Oils. All these ingredients are mixed with water to form a paste. The paste is then filled into cone moulds and left to dry. After drying the cones are selected and perfumed.
Indian Attars (Natural Perfume Oils)
The word Attar is a Persian word which translates as “fragrance”, or “aroma”. In our offering you will find the Best Quality, Deep, Rich and Lovely perfume oils (attars) to transform the ordinary into the Extraordinary--and at such a low price--you can afford to treat yourself to a delightful uplifting experience.
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