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>> Beauty & Personal Care
Shahnaz Husain Beauty Products
Shahnaz Husain is India\'s leading company in the field of natural beauty and cosmetic products. Currently, the Shahnaz Husain Group has over 400 franchise clinics across the world covering over 138 countries, popularising her formidable range of nearly 350 products. Shahnaz Husain products are made with natural ingredients blended in the light of Ayurveda’s millennia of experience. Utilizing the best which the world, history, and modern science has to offer, Shahnaz Husain herbal beauty products are a synergy of knowledge and potent healing herbs.
Biotique Herbal Products
Biotique Herbal Products are formulated from organically grown pure plant extracts and contains no harmful chemicals. For Biotique’s founder, Vinita Jain, Biotique is a mission to draw the deep and profound beauty which is hidden in each individual to the surface through the ancient science of life, Ayurveda. Biotique Products are made using the outlines and time-tested formulations of ancient ayurvedic treatments with the support and additional insight of modern biotechnology. This ensures that all products are not only as effective as currently possible, but also that they are completely safe, both for you and the environment as well. In every aspect of development and production Biotique products are kept in harmony with nature and life itself. Biotique hair products, skin products, and all cosmetic products are rendered supremely effective through the union of powerful herbs, time-honored recipes, and modern extraction and formulation techniques. Where pure Biotique botanical extracts are blended into the wonderful Biotique soaps and shampoos that many have grown to know and love.
Lotus Herbal Products
The lotus blossom, sacred to India because of its divine purity, strength, and beauty, represents the central purpose of the Lotus Herbals company, which is to unlock these divine qualities to everyone. In accordance with the principles of the Ayurveda, yet accompanied by the insight and power of modern technique, Lotus Herbal products are mixed with care and precision from the purest natural ingredients to render the safest and most effective products possible. Look and see if there is something you need in our complete selection of Lotus Herbal products. We provide World-Wide shipping with a low cost guarantee. If you would like to order Wholesale, please fill out the order form on the homepage.
VLCC Natural Cosmetic Products
The VLCC Personal Care Line consists of over 100 skin-care, hair-care and body-care products also providing solutions for skin care, Body firming and Shaping, Foot Care, Hair Care, Pain Relieving. All products are herbal / ayurvedic in nature and have been formulated to suit all skin and hair types. The products are made from special blends of botanical extracts, nutrients and aromatic oils, which are unique and highly effective product formula.
Ayur Herbal Products
Starting with just one product and a strong dedication to the principles of Ayurveda, Ayur Herbals set out to give the women of India, and eventually the world, a better choice for their beauty care. Now, Ayur Herbal products include more than 155 different hair and skin care products, something for every condition. Ayur Herbal shampoos and skin care products have carefully blended various botanical extracts with the precision only possible with the aid of modern technology. Here on India Abundance, you can find the complete range of Ayur Herbal’s pure ayurvedic beauty products at unbeatable prices. Explore and find something that’s right for you.
Aroma Magic (Aromatherapy Beauty Products)
Aroma Magic offers a unique line of natural beauty care products. Whereas most natural beauty care products harness the power of herbs to heal the skin and hair, Aroma Magic products move one step further and unite these healing herbs with the profound powers of aromatic therapy. Presented by the renown Dr. Blossom Kochhar, this innovative line of products comes as the result of over forty years of research and development. The unique effectiveness of Aroma Magic products is due to its rare combination of two ancient healing arts with the power and scope of modern science and technology. Aroma Magic products unleash the healing effects of herbs in coordination with the healing powers of the aromatic essences of flowers and herbs from all across India. Carefully formulated and blended under the guidance of modern scientific technique these products offer the body a profoundly new experience.
Khadi Natural Cosmetics
Khadi originally refers to the homespun cloth of traditional India, and for which Mahatma Gandhi was famous, but it has come be a symbol of the renewed vitality of all traditional Indian arts, crafts, and values which are finding their own place in this modern world. Khadi Natural is a collective business formed at the Gramodaya Ashram which brings together the many labors of the people of different villages under one roof that together they may offer something to the world, and keep alive these ancient hand production techniques that are globally being snuffed out by big businesses and mechanized manufacturing. With Khadi, hand-made does not imply any lack of quality or care in the production process. Khadi products come with complete quality assurance.
Natures Essence Products
Natures Essence products are made with natural ingredients and thoroughly tested with the most modern technology available to produce the best ayurvedic beauty products possible, ensuring both safety and effectiveness. Natures Essence products are ingeniously innovated formulations of the finest botanical extracts, ayurvedic oils, and pure minerals. Here in our Online Shop you can find complete line of Nature Essence products at unbeatable prices. If you would like to make wholesale purchases you may do so by filling out or bulk purchase form on the home page. Explore these great products and see if anything is right for you.
Jovees Natural Cosmetic Products
The Jovees Natural Cosmetic Company holds that Beauty is Truth and Truth is Beauty. The Jovees product line is a symphony of synergy that carefully blends and harmonizes ancient wisdom with modern science, and pure ayurvedic herbs, oils, creams, and spices into a wonderful melody of health and beauty. The vision of the Jovees Natural Company is to offer the world the highest quality herbal cosmetic products possible.
Forest Essential products are made only from the purest botanical extracts, taken freshly from the forests of the Uttaranchal. Only naturally distilled pure essential oils, pure cold pressed, organically grown vegetable oils and plant extracts are used in Forest Essential products, because plants, unlike chemicals, are full of the vibrations which are the force of life. Forest Essentials dedication to the purity and vibrance the subtle vibrations of life, has kept their small company out of the crowded and polluted cities and up in the hills of the Himalaya. Forest Essentials products are not made in factories of industrial areas, but in the pure and open air of forested mountain passes. All products are made with fresh spring water which is rich in minerals and bear therapeutic and regenerative properties. Forest Essentials products are based on the finest traditional Ayurvedic recipes so they are in every way a product of life, both supporting life and the fruit of it.
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