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Beauty & Personal Care >> Jovees Natural Cosmetic Products
Eye & Lip Care Products
Jovees provides truly natural eye care products that help reduce appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes, firm skin around the eye area by optimizing collagen, protect skin against free radicals, reduce visible effects of sun damage and photo-aging, rejuvenate and energize skin for a healthier glow, and hydrate skin to increase density and volume.
Skin Toners & Astringents
After cleansing, the skin briefly becomes alkaline, but using a toner quickly balances the pH back to itís beneficial acidic state. Jovees presents a range of soothing and refining toners made with natural ayurvedic ingredients which are great for removing traces of dirt and make-up which could clog pores if left behind.
Face Scrubs & Exfoliators
Our life is full of exposure to daily pollutions that cling to the surface of our skin. Jovees range of Scrubs are made to help maintain youthful skin by exfoliate aging skin cells and soften rough skin.
Face Cleansers & Face Washes
Jovees has a comprehensive range of skin and body cleansers based on years old ayurvedic recepies that promote deep, gentle cleansing of the skin. Pores are flushed and skin refreshed. Also a natural and effective makeup remover.
Fine lines & Wrinkles Treatment Formula
As we age, our skin becomes thinner and loses its firmness and elasticity. Skin cells get replaced more slowly, oil glands lubricate the skin less, and damaged tissue gets repaired less effectively. Stress, sunlight and pollution take their toll. Lines, wrinkles and blemishes appear and deepen. What can be done to compensate for this and maintain your skinís youthful vitality and natural beauty? Fortunately Jovees has developed a range Anti-wrinkle products that prevent premature aging by minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars and helps repair damaged skin. In weeks, see a firmer, smoother complexion with improved color and youthful radiance.
Face Packs & Masks
Jovees uses Ayurvedic Skin refining herbs and purifying clays to restore, re-balance, and rehydrate the skin. These facial Masks naturally restores the radiance of health and beauty and tone and improve skinís texture and feel. Use regularly to reduce skin dehydration and promote a smoother, softer complexion. Benefits all skin types, especially mature and sun-damaged.
Acne, Pigmentation & Blemish Treatment
Jovees Acne & de-pigmentation products made with rare blend of extracts that help remove acne, skin blemishes and pigmentation.
Gold Collection
Jovees proudly presents an exclusive high quality 24 Carat Gold range of Herbal products that will make skin resilient and youthful. Jovees 24 Carat Gold Products will help to improve the skinís texture, gradually reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It will help remove dark circles under eyes, making skin look resilient and youthful. Since ages, different civilizations have used Gold based preparations to cure various ailments. Pure Gold is a precious soft metal with well known healing properties.
Hair Care Products
The new level in hair care from Jovees is based on age old recipes that have proven therapeutic properties to bring the over all well being of hair.
Skin Nourishers
Jovees Skin Nourishers
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