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Beauty & Personal Care >> EverYuth Products by Zydus Wellness
Face Scrub
Say goodbye to dull and lifeless skin and experience a breath of freshness. EverYuth Facial Scrubs gently remove the layer of dead skin cells from your skin and give you a clean, smooth and healthy skin.
Peel Off
Mesmerize! Didn’t you always wish you had a quicker face enhancing solution than a facial? Now EverYuth brings to you its unique Peel-Offs that give your skin an instant visual transformation minus the fuss! They gently peel-off dirt and grime from the pores, restore the lost moisture, giving you a smooth, radiant skin. Get ready to mesmerize!
Face Pack
Give your skin a refreshing treat. EverYuth Face Packs have natural ingredients that cleanse and soothe your skin. So you get flawless skin alongwith clear complexion.
Sun Block
80% of skin damage is caused due to exposure to the sun. That’s why you need a sun block that covers a wider spectrum and gives maximum sun protection. EverYuth Sun Care Range has unique double protection that creates a shield against both UVA and UVB rays, reduces tanning and burning, without leaving your skin dry or sticky. Now enjoy the outdoors like never before!
Skin Essential
Caress your skin with a silky embrace. EverYuth presents rich and luscious Moisturising Creme and Lotion that give your skin a sumptuous soft feel so that you look beautiful from head to toe!
Skin Lightening Cream
Daily exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin. EverYuth Derma Care Light & Clear Skin Lightening Creme is a breakthrough formulation that not only treats sun damaged skin but also enhances complexion and skin texture. Unique 3-way action: Lightens skin colour and makes it fair & radiant Clears pigmentation, dark patches, skin discolouration & blemishes Improves skin texture & clarity
At the end of the day, your skin needs a gentle cleanser & toner to remove all skin impurities. Made from pure Rose Water, this alcohol-free Face Cleanser and Toner soothes your skin and leaves it with a soft after feel. What\'s more, it can also be used to remove your eye and face make up.
Face Wash
Feel Fresh ! Imagine the mist of a waterfall playing with your face. Or breathing in clean fresh air that abounds in the purity of nature. At EverYuth, we make your skin feel equally fresh and beautifull! Our Face Washes leave your skin refreshed with a youthful radiance.
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