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Beauty & Personal Care >> Khadi Natural Cosmetics
Khadi Facial Care Products
Khadi Facial Care Products
Khadi Hair Care Products
Here you’ll find a complete range of Khadi shampoos and hair care products. All Khadi products are hand-made with all natural ingredients. Khadi shampoos bring forth the traditional ayurvedic recipes for hair care in new innovative formulations, but with the same age old hand production techniques. Khadi shampoos offer gentle and thorough cleansing for your hair with the natural power of pure botanical extracts. With a full range of healing herbs and oils these wonderful shampoos penetrate deep into the scalp and the hair follicles to revitalize the hair, encouraging rich and abundant growth and helping to stop premature greying and hair loss. This is a wonderful range of natural hand-made shampoos unlike you’ll find anywhere else in the world. Check out these great Khadi products and support the hardworking villagers of the Gramodaya Ashram.
Khadi Skin and Body Care Products
The skin is the body’s primary protection against disease and infection, and so it is very important to keep the skin healthy and strong. This fine range of all natural skin and body care products presents some of Khadi’s most celebrated formulations. Made with the finest ayurvedic oils, herbs, and spices, these Khadi soaps offer your skin the handmade luxury that was once only available to the great Maharajas. They are made with the insight and wisdom of ayurvedic medicine to purify, tone, and rejuvenate the skin leaving it feeling fresher and looking younger than ever before. Khadi products are the work of many generations of craftsmen and women who through the ages have learned the true art of making ayurvedic soaps, lotions, and oils. Explore this great range of all natural hand-made Khadi products and bring something of traditional India back to your home.
Khadi Essential oils
Essential oils play a central role in many traditional activities of India, from aroma therapy and massage to prayer and spiritual ceremonies. Here Khadi presents a full line of essential oils hand pressed according to traditional techniques. These Khadi oils are made from the best ayurvedic herbs and offer the most remarkable range of natural fragrances. These essential oils will calm and sooth the mind and nerves, stimulate the senses, and cleanse a room or house of negative energy. They are powerful essences of the most celebrated herbs of India, all traditionally made by Khadi. These Khadi oils include the pungent and invigorating Mandarine, the spiritual Patchouli, and the sensuous and peaceful Rose. Don’t overlook these special essential oils, bring one home and unleash the fragrance of India.
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