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Beauty & Personal Care >> Lotus Herbal Products
Lotus Herbals Lip Care Products
Lotus Herbals Lip Care Products
Lotus Herbals Skin Care Products
The skin is the body meets the world, and its integrity is as important for health as it is for beauty. Lotus Herbals skin care products are specially designed to promote skin health from the inside out. Carefully blended ayurvedic oils, creams, and pastes made with pure botanical extracts, these Lotus Herbal products purify and regenerate the skin leaving it softer, more supple, and with a natural and healthy glow, that expresses the inner vitality and strength. This special collection of Lotus Herbals products has a product for a wide variety of skin care concerns and conditions. From daily care creams and moisturizers to specialty products for acne, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, and more. With the variety of applications, fragrances, and unique ayurvedic herbs and oils there is something here for everybody. Check and see if there is a Lotus Herbals product you need.
Lotus Herbals Body Care Products
The widest selection of Lotus Herbals body care products on the web, we provide the complete range of soaps, oils, body washes and more at unbeatable prices. Lotus Herbal products blend potent healing herbs, oils, creams and more into powerful cleansing and healing body care products. These Lotus Herbals products are designed for different applications on the body, with soaps and lotions to cleanse and nourish the skin, washing away dirt, excess oils, and toxins, and restoring balance and youthful glow to the life of the skin, and a range of lip balms to heal and protect the lips from dryness and infection. Lotus Herbal products for the body are soothing and cleansing to the body in essential ways. You can explore these wonderful Lotus Herbal products at your leisure here in our online shop.
Lotus Herbals Eye Care & Lip Balms Products
The eyes are the window to the soul keep them looking vibrant & healthy with this line of Lotus Eye care products. These products are specially designed to provide all the tools to revitalize the eyes and reducing swelling and darkening around them, and making them all the more radiant that one’s soul may shine clearly through them.
Lotus Herbals Hair Care Products
Here we have a wide range of Lotus Herbals shampoos and hair care products. All Lotus Herbals products are made only with the finest natural ayurvedic herbs, oils, creams, and spices. They mix the powers of nature into careful syntheses that render profound synergy with the hair and scalp, encouraging abundant and lustrous growth, restoring natural color and shine, and making the hair and scalp all around healthier. There is a Lotus Herbals product for every hair care need. There is a variety of shampoos, oils and tonics for various hair care treatments. These Lotus Herbal products: Shikakai Amla Herbal Shampoo, Henna Shampoo, Bhringraj Oil, Henna Leaf Conditioner and more. We provide World-Wide shipping with a low cost guarantee. If you would like to order Lotus Herbal Products in Wholesale, please fill out the bulk order form on the homepage.
Lotus Herbals Sun Screen Products
The sun is the source of life on our beautiful planet, but over exposure can be dangerous to the health. It is important to take proper care of your skin and protect against harmful UV rays. This powerful line of Lotus Herbals Cosmetics makes use of the natural power of herbs to render safe and effective sun protection. Made completely of pure natural ayurvedic herbs and oils, these special sun screens heal and protect your skin from the inside out. They penetrate into the skin regenerating it and bestowing it with new vitality as well as creating a protective barrier to absorb harmful solar radiation. In addition, these Lotus Herbal products are made with wonderful aromatic healing herbs like chamomile, sage, thyme, birch, dandelion, turmeric, and more to protect against all manners of sun damage with the pleasant smell of nature’s flora. These ayurvedic herbs are high in natural vitamin and anti-oxidants, and protect against burning, tanning, and all age-enhancing effects of excessive sun exposure. Do overlook these wonderful Lotus Herbals products before your next day in the sun.
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