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 Organic India Turmeric Formula
Organic India Turmeric Formula 60Caps
Item Code: AH-4125
Category   Ayurvedic Products & Herbal Supplements
Price  $  11.95
Pack Size   60 Vegetarian Capsules (Organic India)
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 Product Description:
Organic India Turmeric Formula (60 Veg Capsules)

Organic Turmeric Capsules

• Supports healthy joint function
Osteoarthritis : Turmeric may help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis because of its ability to reduce pain and disability.
• Eye Disorder : Curcumin may prove to be as effective as corticosteroids in the uveitis (inflammation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eye between the sclera - white outer coat of the eye and the retina - the back of the eye) the type of eye disorder.
• Bacterial Infection / Wounds : Turmeric is useful as an external antibiotic in preventing bacterial infection in wounds.

• Promotes radiant skin
• Digestive Disorders
• Liver Diseases
• Menstrual problems of Women’s
• 100% organic herbs
• Gluten-free"

Organic India Turmeric formula is made with the purest, 100% organic turmeric, a natural spice that contains curcuminoids, which are phytonutrients with powerful antioxidant properties that fight the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Organic India's Turmeric supports important blood and liver functions, healthy joints and overall well-being, which is ultimately reflected in a radiant, supple skin.


Organic Turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa) 370 mg   
Turmeric Extract- 95% curcuminoids 80 mg   
1Organic ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale) 50 mg   

Suggested Use: 2 capsules with food and water 2 times a day, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Lets summarize thirteen ways this 100% certified organic-based Turmeric can spice up your whole person:

Supports your antioxidant protection against free radicals*
Helps promote your healthy skin*
Supports your overall eye health*
Provides you immune system support*
Aids your skeletal system and joint health*
Encourages your healthy liver function*
Helps you maintain healthy cells with support against free radicals*
Balances the health of your digestive system*
Aids you in support of healthy blood and your circulatory system*
Helps you maintain normal cholesterol levels to support your cardiovascular system*
Assists your neurological system's healthy response to stress*
Promotes a healthy female reproductive system*
Helps you maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range*
And more...

Millions of people use turmeric on a daily basis in their lives today. In India alone, up to 500 million people use it in one form or another every day.

Isn't it time you gave your body what it deserves?

Organic India goes far beyond producing the highest quality organic turmeric by:

Helping preserve and enrich the environment -- As a result, this manufacturer received exclusive rights to harvest certified organic crops from central and northern India.
Adhering to and setting new standards of certification -- As the manufacturer of the Turmeric, Organic India seriously commits to follow the highest quality standards for producing organic products.
Committing to holistic quality and environmentally responsible business practices -- From preservation of seed and enrichment of soil... through cultivation, harvesting, manufacturing, and packaging, all phases of the production cycle reflect the quality commitment.
Educating and certifying organic growers and farmers -- Organic farmers receive training and education in all aspects of sustainable organic farming methods. A 3rd party international agency certifies farmers as "certified organic."
Respecting and honoring the organic farmers -- By honoring the well-being and dignity of local farmers, a win-win scenario continues to evolve for everyone involved.

Organic India is among the few herbal companies in India to receive the following certifications:

SQF -- Safe Quality Food (certified by SGS India Pvt. Lmt.)
HACCP -- Hazards and Critical Control Points (by SGS)
GMP -- Good Manufacturing Practices (by SGS)
ISO 9001:2000 -- International standard for quality and safety
OU Kosher -- Certifies compliance for Kosher observers and followers
Organic certifications from: Skal International, Ecocert International, USDA, EU, and NSOP (India)

So, not only is the Turmeric formula of the highest quality, the producer is totally committed to protecting the environment and the organic farmers.


About Organic India:

At the heart of ORGANIC INDIA is our commitment to promote holistic sustainable development for all beings through organic agriculture. We are committed to service, sanctity and integrity, and to operating an ethical and sustainable business that harms none and benefits all. ORGANIC INDIA is a global leader in promoting organic products and in supporting sustainable farming, wild crafting and village/tribal agricultural communities in India.

We cultivate, collect, process, manufacture and market Certified Organic Tulsi Teas, Herbal Supplements, Psyllium, Castor Oil, Ayurvedic and Medicinal Herbs, and many other organic foods and organic spices. Our products are of the highest quality and marketed all over the world. We are continually developing and expanding our range of organic foods and health products.

All ORGANIC INDIA facilities and processing centers have been awarded SQF, HACCP, GMP, ISO-9001 and Kosher certifications, and are EU, Skal, ECO-Cert and USDA certified for organic production. We have designed and developed our unique processing methods and advanced dehydration technologies to ensure maximum retention of potency and nutritional values, so that we can remain true to our commitment to offer the highest quality organic products available today.

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